Sunday, November 19, 2006


Type: Sweet Sparkling White
Origin: Australia
Approx Cost: $30

Distinctive pink hue to it. Shut up I’m not a girl! The mousse and bead are excellently crafted for an Australian sparkling wine. Incredibly sweet. Fantastic combination of French technique with Australian grapes. Hints of guava, apricot and honey. I’d love to have this with a fruit salad or something equally cool and mellow. Sweetness gets to you after a while. Definitely has it’s place as a great dessert wine or even an aperitif, but lacks versatility.



Sam said...

This is a really underrated sparkling. A lot of people idss it because it's sweet, however it works wonderfully with all manner of foods. Especially heavy blue cheeses

Sam said...

idss = diss

Jobe said...

Yea it's great stuff. You're spot on about the cheese call. First had the cuvee riche at the Chandon winery with some cheese and jam. Delicious.

Once I even had it with a lamb roast and it worked, strangely.

Last night I had it with some sweet mains and it was a bit cloying.

Sam said...

it's a fun alternative to sickly sweet desert wines.

Jobe said...

I could probably bathe in it!