Sunday, November 19, 2006

RESTAURANT: Chinta Ria… Temple of Love

Type: Malaysian
Location: Roof terrace, Cockle Bay Wharf, 201 Sussex St, Darling Harbour
Booking Required: No.

Visited the sister restaurant in St Kilda—Malaysian Hawker Bar—over a year ago and they gave us a card for this place. Been keen to visit ever since. The only thing holding me back was the so-so reviews it has gotten.

Bloody hard to locate this place. Took us about 20 minutes of wandering around the wharves before we finally got there.

Started with the fried lohbak, which is solid. Wine list is refined and impressive for the lower end of the market. Surprised to see the Blue Pyrenees Estate Brut there so that was chosen. Wonderful drop.

Service is strange. It lacks the refinement of a restaurant aiming to impress, but still has an edge over your average Asian place. Dishes arrived quickly and they were always on the spot if they hear a chopstick drop.

For mains the scallops Mingus hit the spot. Perfectly cooked and well spiced. Strange to pair them with asparagus but it still works. Curry chicken with cucumber and onion is also an odd pairing but works well. Good food without being exceptional.

Lovely atmosphere to the place, despite the cyclonic winds hammering the city on the evening we visited. Maybe not the place suited for a dinner with friends, especially since the value is better at other Malaysian places. But would still return for a more intimate occasion.

RATING: Will return to

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alex said...

I think ive been to this one. Or was it the Malay at King St wharf?

If it was the one that I went to it was shit. Pay for city harbour view prices but get pre-cooked meals dished out from a pot.

Might as well go to a shopping centre food court.

Jobe said...

I think that's a different one. This is near King St wharf but is higher up and you don't really get the views.