Tuesday, November 21, 2006

BEER: Kwak

Type: Strong Ale
Origin: Belgium
Cost: circa $4 a bottle

Sam’s review of a beer reminded me that I have a large deposit of exotic beers in my kitchen/fridgal area that I am yet to sample. This one pours a peculiar cloudy brown with a thick head. Combination of red and amber. Smells like caramel on a sheet of raw steel. Doubt I’ll like this. Light Belgian beers do not really appeal to me for some reason. The smokey/malty taste is repugnant. Very smooth on the palate and surprisingly creamy. Aftertaste, not surprisingly, of malt and smoke. Some honey too. Second sip isn’t as pleasing. The alcohol (8%) comes to the front and I can’t get rid of the taste.

It’s good and some people will absolutely love it, but it’s really not what I want.


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