Tuesday, December 11, 2007

RECIPE: The 12 Animal Pizza

I'm trying to champion the cause of extreme cooking. We have slow food, where the aim is to cook and savour food slowly, and I think extreme food fills the niche where every item made is an affront to God and every bite consumed is a triumph of human spirit.

This has led to the 12 Cheese Pizza and the 16 Chocolate Cheesecake (can't be bothered linking them, sorry) and now... the 12 Animal Pizza

- Pizza dough (recipe stolen from Not Quite Nigella)
- 12 animals (cow, pig, chicken, turkey, lamb, buffalo, duck, quail, crocodile, kangaroo, venison and poussin)
- Pizza sauce
- Cheese
- Some herbage (garlic, oregano)

Make a pizza from the above ingredients.

The key to getting a crispy base is to make your pizza on baking paper, then slide it onto a tray that has already been in the oven on a high heat (around 220).

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