Saturday, December 01, 2007


Type: Japanese
Location: Level 1, 90 Hay St, Haymarket
Booking Required: Rarely.

I very nearly didn’t go here. Someone had recommended it to Calypso and we were totally stumped trying to find it. Surely it’s not accessed by this extremely dodgy looking freight lift?

It is.

But once we got out of the creepy lift and got into the restaurant all was well. It’s actually an extremely handsome restaurant for what is essentially a ramen joint. Nice floors, nice tables, a little rock garden sort of thing running through the restaurant, tiers. Nice.

We got into gyoza and their special ramen. All was very tasty. I wouldn’t say exceptional, but very solid and well priced. In a nice, comfortable, relaxed setting this all adds up to a good meal.

They also have a store in Bondi which is apparently better, and I’ve heard there is another store somewhere. No idea where.

RATING: Okay, may go back

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