Saturday, November 11, 2006

RESTAURANT: Chinese Noodle Restaurant

Type: Chinese
Location: TG7, Prince Centre, 8 Quay St, Haymarket
Booking Required: No

Took a friend who had never been before. Ordered the best: pan fried lamb and celery dumplings, steamed pork and chive dumplings, spicy beef salad, shredded pork with mini pancakes and chicken and capsicum stir fry. Service is extremely quick and attentive. (Free) Tea was refilled as soon as we turned the top over, dishes came at a frantic pace. D├ęcor is strange. Rugs depicting country houses with purple hay hang on the wall and fake grapes and leaves hang from the ceiling. It’s quick and hardly refined but sometimes that’s what you want for dinner with friends. Never more than $10-15 a head. Advisable to go there in umltiples of 2 to make seating easier. Groups of more than 4 are a bad move. Chinatown Cellars is nearby with a good selection of cold beer and wine and BYO is welcome. No corkage. Ate too much but I don’t remember that ever being a problem. Friend remarked it was the best meal he had ever eaten, particularly enjoying the spicy beef salad (spicy chicken is probably even better). Off to nearby Easyways for a post-meal milk tea, even if there is no room left.

Have probably gone there 30 times. Will never tire of it.

RATING: Will constantly return to

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alex said...

5 dishes between 2 people?


Jobe said...

Between 3 people.

MrWright said...

Spicy chicken salad is indeed the bomb. As are the pork and chive dumplings, the eggplant and everything else on the menu.

Have been probably 15 times in the 10 months I've lived in Sydney. So good.