Monday, November 20, 2006

Beer: Moo Brew

Type: Pale Ale
Origin: Tasmania, Australia
Approx Cost: $4.95 ($17.95 a 4pack)

Micro-breweries appear to be popping up thick and fast these days and most of them turn out to be expensive and shit. This is one, while expensive, is definitely not shit. Upon pouring it into my favorite beer glass a rich apple aroma was evident with hints of strawberry bubblegum. Nice thick creamy head and the colour is kinda straw yellow with a little bit of cloudiness. It's fairly hop-driven, very creamy texture and nicely balanced, lingering with a long clean, dry finish. It's approachable and by no means offensive. Unlike some of the other pale ales popping up these days it's not overly floral. It'd go wonderfully with a rich tomato based dish.

If you're sick of the overly-pungent, fruity pale ales, this is well worth a try.



Dave Mack said...

How did you come across this brew samwise?

Sam said...

A few samples came into my bottle shop some time ago and we've stocked it ever since. I took another one home last night.

Jobe said...

Yes! I think I am a little sick of the overly fruity ales!