Monday, April 02, 2007


Type: Sparkling White
Origin: Australia
Approx Cost: $5

Last year some time I went through a period of drinking shit sparkling wines because the sparklings/champagnes I drank starting out were towards the higher end and I wanted to give my palette a bit of perspective. Looking at the list of wines I’ve rated, ordered by score, the bottles I purchased are all in the bottom 10 wines I’ve ranked.

Some how this bottle persevered. I got sick of crap wine and never got around to tasting this, so it just sat in a box of other wine for a few months gathering dust.

It pours like the retarded product of two-cousins fucking. The mouse and bead bump into the wall and become concussed then decide to stop. Pale gold with a hint of green. Smells like being stuck in an old train with a sweaty lemon tree carrying a bag of Greek food. Doesn’t taste too bad. Plenty of citrus on the tongue. Finish is pretty average. For this price it’s good. If you’re forced to put on a summer lunch for $10 and need to have a bottle of wine in the mix then this is would be a good option.


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