Saturday, April 07, 2007


Type: Thai
Location: 14 Lackey St, Summer Hill
Booking Required: Yes

Went with a large group to this tiny suburban Thai joint to find it absolutely packed. Squeezed in to the tiny chairs and tables and ordered a range of their dishes.

Delicious entrees from what we tried. Money bags with no seafood are different to the norm and tasty; and the tofu in tamarind sauce is the perfect texture and flavouring.

Mains are similarly pleasing, although a common trend throughout was a bit too much sweetness that many other Thai places suffer from. Also, they go heavy on the garnish (chilli, mostly) in some dishes, which is pointless.

I was really looking forward to the duck salad with coconut, but was disappointed to find only a little duck meat.

All in all not a bad meal. Good value, good food, nice d├ęcor, strange location that I will probably never go back to (since Newtown is closer and has more/better Thai), but nothing terribly exciting.

RATING: Okay, may go back

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