Friday, April 13, 2007


Type: Champagne
Origin: France
Approx Cost: $50

I’ve had a couple of run-ins with Pol Roger and they were all positive. Definitely a consistent and value-for-money Champagne house.

That said, I wasn’t expecting this taste. Heavy gold/straw hue. Pours with a decent mousse and a bead that lasts well. But a lot more peach and toast than I remember. That’s followed by a sharp bite and a finish that is almost like beer. Very odd. Tastes like a mix between a Moet and Bollinger. It has both the crispness and the refined boldness.



Sam said...

I meant to do a review of a recent dinner but I can't be fucked. We started with 96 pol and it was one of the best sparkling's if tried. They manage the citrus with complexity and length. A party for the mouth.

Jobe said...

Yeah it's strange really. The other times I've had Pol I loved it, but the Brut NV just didn't do it for me. It was good, but nothing great.