Saturday, April 21, 2007


Type: Sparkling White
Origin: Tasmania
Approx Cost: $30

So the headline sparkling from out good friends at Taltarni wines. Okay, so maybe they aren’t really our friends and maybe there is no “us” just me. I don’t even know if this is the headline sparkling. And maybe I don’t remember if I like Taltarni wines or not. It’s safe to assume that I didn’t do my research here.

Anyway. I’m surprised by how fine the mousse and bead are. Rare for an Australian wine. Not super fine but still good. I forget the colour because it is now all gone and I forget to look at the colour. Mid straw from memory. The tasting notes on the website say it has a “Champagne hue”. For a sparkling white wine? How very odd.

The taste is overwhelmingly of dough and toast. There is the faintest of hints of stone fruits in there somewhere, like a peach rubbed against a slice of bread, but it’s barely noticeable. Long, bready finish.

I don’t mind this.



Sam said...

Have you tried Taltarni's Brut and Brut Tache?

the former won winestate's sparkling of the year.

Jobe said...

For some reason it really rings a bell but I don't think I have had it.

I reckon I might give the Brut Tache a go after this.