Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WHISKEY: Lagavulin 16yo

Type: Single Malt
Origin: Isle of Islay, Scotland
Approx Cost: $95

After toying with the idea for months, I finally stepped out and purchased a bottle of single malt scotch. My choice was the result of a fair bit of research. I didn't want to drop too much money on a shit whiskey. I also wanted a good introduction to the world of ballsy single malt scotches. Lagavulin 16yo appeared to be the best by a mile. Talking to customers at the restaraunt I used to work at, as well as customers at the bottle shop I currently work at, they hold generally hold Lagavulin as the one to beat. Michael Jackson's guide to Single Malts gave it a 93/100.

Anyway, today I decided to have a shot after lunch to celebrate the end of exams and after having a pretty wack cold today's the first day I can fully appreciate it. The nose is nice, with sherry and vanilla with a bit of saltyness. The colour is a rich amber. On the palete it's smooth, almost buttery, with nice controlled heat. Cigar and earthy flavours with saltyness and long smooth vanilla finish. It's the only whiskey I've been able to drink without adding a dash of water or a block of ice. Really really nice. I guess that's what 16 years does to it.


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