Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Type: Thai
Location: 543 King St, Newtown
Booking Required: Sometimes

After so much Thai in the last few weeks (note: this was written like a month ago but I couldn't be bothered posting it) I’d sworn off the stuff for a while. Not because I was sick of it, I just felt like trying something different for once. But it wasn’t to be, as someone organised a work dinner to be here.

Not all was lost. They put on a pretty good spread here. Above average Thai food, BYO, good service and a nice location. Really good pad thai, tasty curries and flavoursome salads.

Really amazing value too. For the 9 of us it was only a staggering $120 and we stuffed ourselves. But lacking anything great that would make me come back.

RATING: Okay, may go back

Doytao Thai on Urbanspoon

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