Saturday, June 30, 2007

VARIOUS: End of Financial Year Excess

Working in a bank means that the End of Financial Year brings on a massive rush of people wanting shit. On those last two days, we’re literally twice as busy as normal (according to the stats). Considering that we’re normally working flat out as it is, these last days and hours involve a massive effort from all involved. After last year I learned that on that final evening you have to unwind in a massive way. So I thought what the fuck I’ll get some Krug.

But then one thing led to another and I found myself knocking back quite a lot of food and wine with Calypso, pretty much going through what I had on hand. Let me tell you about it, friends, in order that I tasted.

KRUG Grande Cuvee MV

Type: Champagne
Origin: France
Approx Cost: $250

I don’t quite know why Krug call their NV an MV (Multi-Vintage), when nearly all Non-Vintages are made from Multiple Vintages. Maybe they just want to be special.

The Grande Cuvee is made by blending fifty of more wines from 20-25 vineyards and 6-10 different years. The result is one of the most exceptional and individual non-vintage wines out there.

The first thing you notice when you pour it is that this wine is a technical masterpiece. It’s a glorious bright, light gold in colour, with a fine, creamy mousse and a fine, persistent bead. I could watch it for hours if I didn’t want to taste it so bad. Mmm yeah it’s good. It packs a nice punch on the palate with some powerful, yet delicate flavous. A lot of nut and toast. Very creamy texture. I don’t know the balance of the grapes but it tastes more on the Pinot Noir side. The finish is just incredible. Lasts for ages and opens up even more.

Now here’s the problem. This wine is damn good, without question. It’s the best NV I’ve ever had. BUT I don’t know if I enjoy as much as I should for the price. If this was $100-$150 then it would be fantastic and I’d constantly drink it (when I had money). But at $250 I’m not convinced that it has the goods. Considering that Dom and La Grande Dame cost the same, I don’t prefer this over Dom. And my rating reflects that.

Still, extremely happy that I had it and now I see why Krug is King.


MAJELLA Sparkling Shiraz 2004

Type: Sparkling Red:
Origin: Coonawarra, South Australia
Approx Cost: $35

A few weeks ago I found out that they make some of this vintage under crown seal. I was determined to get some, so get some I did.

It’s all pretty similar to the cork version (or is it Diam? I can’t remember) but there are differences. The berries don’t taste as overripe under crown seal, and the minty notes at the end aren’t there this time. A lot more blueberry in this one, it really comes to the front.

Still awesome.


LILLYDALE ESTATE Yarra Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Type: White
Origin: Yarra Valley, Victoria
Approx Cost: $17

Bit of a random pickup. Turned out well.

Light gold with a bit of green in there. Palate of pineapple, passionfruit, strawberry, citrus and oak. Finish of grass and unripe fruits.

It’s nice and fruity. Nothing exceptional about it, but a solid, good value Sav Blanc. A bit too oaky and grassy for my tastes though.


MEEREA PARK Shiraz Viognier 2005

Type: Red
Origin: Hunter Valley, NSW
Approx Cost: $17

Calypso and I both enjoy the Shiraz Viognier blends, so there was a bit of interest over this one, with neither of us having tried it before.

More transparent crimson purple than I was expecting. Quite nice. Ripe plum, blackberry, blueberry, apricot, stone fruit and a bit of spice at the end. Fine, fine tannins.

Only 5% Viognier in this, but it’s very well balanced. Initially it was average, but it opened up nicely with some time in the glass. A very good value Hunter Shiraz Viognier.



Already reviewed


THE GLENLIVET 18 yo Single-Malt Scotch

Type: Single-Malt
Origin: Speyside, Scotland
Approx Cost: $80

Ahhh a lovely finish to the evening.

Deep amber with gold touches. Heavy nose of nuts, flowers, oak and a slight sweetness. Starts off sweet then introduces flowers, nuts, stone fruits, a little peatiness, before it finishes of dry and spicy.


An enjoyable evening.


jen said...

Jeez, is it even possible to appreciate the nuances of what you're drinking after that much booze? I can only say I'm glad you started with the Krug.

Jobe said...

Pretty much. It was spaced out fairly well, palates were cleansed for each wine and plenty of food and water was used to alleviate any drunken effects. And we're big boys.

It got a bit tricky towards the scotch end of the night but I think we coped.

And I'm glad you're glad I started with the Krug.

jen said...

Oh, and I'M glad that you're glad that I was glad you started with the Krug. See how this could end?

You should be more careful with your use of 'glads' Jobe.