Monday, September 17, 2007

WINE: MORRIS Liqueur Tawny Port NV

Type: Fortified, Tawny port
Origin: Rutherglen, Victoria
Approx Cost: $20 (500 ml)

Part two of the three part exploration into Morris’ entry level fortified wines. This stop takes us to tawny port country, which is probably my least favourite compared to muscat and the delicious tokay.

Pale, dark amber in colour. That sounds like a contradiction but I swear it isn’t. Although this wine did perplex me somewhat. Smokey and hot. The alcohol doesn’t hide as well as the other Morris wines. Palate of spiced wood, floral characters and burnt palm sugar. Lacking a little depth and didn’t last too well after a couple of days.

It’s really nice, but not great.


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