Saturday, September 22, 2007

WINE: BEELGARA ESTATE “Bianca” Sun Dried Botrytis Semillon 2004

Type: Dessert, Sweet, White
Origin: Riverina, NSW
Approx Cost: $20 (375ml)

My purchase of this wine has somehow entered the folklore of this house and my housemates will not let up about it. “Apparently” the chick (who looked like an elf) that sold it to me was trying to crack on to me (running game pretty hard), but I was taking no notice as I was too consumed with the case of port under the counter or, as one housemate thought, I was staring at the floor.

But what I do recall of that evening was her saying that this was a very nice drop. And I’d tend to agree. I have no idea if it was actually “sun dried” more than a normal sweet Semillon, but it did look and taste a lot more concentrated than normal. Nice nose. Palate was a good mix of apple, citrus, orange, marmalade and sultana. All flavours were very intense. And I think that’s what let it down. It was a very tasty wine, but the flavours were a little out of balance. I wouldn’t regret buying it, but at the price there is a lot of strong(er) competition.

Like my chance at love, my rating for this wine was misplaced that night. But from memory it was around...


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