Sunday, April 01, 2012

WINE: VILMART & CIE Grande Reserve Brut NV

Quite a lot of fuss about this producer. 11 hectares, with a lean towards pinot noir. Their vines are a few decades old and these guys are big on ageing the win in oak.

The Grande Reserve Brut is their entry level wine.

70% pinot noir, 30% chardonnay. Oak aged.

It pours with almost no mousse and a barely visible bead.

Thankfully there's great carbonation on the sip.

It takes a little while to open up, but once it does it reveals quite an excellent wine for "entry level".

Extremely floral with a good backbone of oak. It also has lemon, macadamia, finger lime, cherry. Tremendous length. Punches above it's weight at around $75.


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