Sunday, April 22, 2012

RESTAURANT: Umi Sushi & Udon

I've been a big fan of Umi Kaiten Zushi near the Capital Theatre since I first went there years ago. The sushi and sashimi on the train is good quality, the a la carte options are all pretty good and they have a massive fish tank to look at.

The launch of the Darling Quarter precinct down near Tumbalong Park has brought with it a number of really solid eating options. Umi Kaiten Zushi's sister restaurant, Umi Sushi & Udon, is one such eating option. Obviously, because it would be weird to mention a totally unrelated eating precinct.

Dark timber, swivelly stools and an open airy front wall make for a relaxed and comfortable eating experience. Though, from what I saw, a fish-tank-less eating experience.

The menu is pretty similar to the Capital Theatre restaurant, with maybe less a la carte specials. Prices, too, are fairly similar, but slightly higher because of the Darling Harbour postcode.

Quality wise, not a lot has been lost in the run through the photocopier. The sushi tastes fresh and the plates on the train are well put together. I could be wrong, but it looks like their tea game is even a little more serious than the sister.

They do bento boxes as a lunch special, which look a good bet. They also do takeaway from the train: grab a box and fill it with what you want.

All up, it's more quality from the kids at Umi. Whether you want a sushi train fix, a bowl of noodles or a bento box you should enjoy it.

RATING: Will return to [?]

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