Sunday, January 29, 2012

BEER: MIKKELLER Texas Ranger (Barrel Aged)

The regular Texas Ranger is a fairly middle of the road chipotle flavoured porter (well, as middle of the road as Mikkeller can get). Here, it gets thrown in a Speyside whiskey barrel for 3 months.

Small but thick head. Dissipates quickly and leaves and inky looking beverage.

Sweet malt dominates the nose. A little raw chilli heat, cocoa, chocolate milk, raspberries.

Low but appropriate carbonation in the mouth: you want this smooth.

There’s still a little chilli linger after spending time in the barrel, but the flavour is big on chocolate milk. Some raspberries and cocoa. It’s all quite nice, but doesn’t fill the palate like similarly big barrel-aged drops.

More chipotle heat on the end, with a little sweetness. Pleasant and linger-y.


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