Saturday, January 28, 2012


It’s actually got “black” on the label written in Japanese characters, which I can’t read or reproduce from my anglo/racist keyboard. At least... I think it says "black"...

Perhaps it’s best to say that it’s the beer that is a 16.5% imperial stout alcohol bomb.

I first had it on tap during the Mikkeller tap takeover at the Local Taphouse and found it quite perplexing. Would the bottle also perplex me?

Small, thick head that holds reasonably well.

It smells... weird. Alcohol, malt, pot.

It attacks the palate, puckering the mouth, without any sourness. Low, thick carbonation.

It tastes... strange. So much alcohol. Too much. It’s not hidden like in other drinks. Sweetness lingers in the background, but never makes it to the front. Aftertaste of Panadol and leather.

Another, much smaller sip. The sweetness is all over. Molasses all over. Chocolate sauce, port, caramelised figs. Delicious.

This is such a strange beer. It’s a beer for sipping slowly. Drink too much—or too fast—and your tastebuds get destroyed. Sip it and savour it, but don’t forget. It’s like a pet tiger: if you get too comfortable with it, it’s gonna maul your fucking eyes out and the media will report on the story and draw attention to the bizarre life you lead with your magic/lion show “partner”.


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