Thursday, March 31, 2011


The great Mexi-Con. Why must all Mexican food in Sydney be so god-awful? In the midst of unbridled culinary discovery, why is the height of Mexican exploration the cooking of a meat with an Old El Paso simmer sauce instead of the normal taco sauce?

You can do better, Sydney, you fuck.


Slow roasted pork belly
Julienne of green apple
Red onion, sliced
Sour cream
Pork crackling, cut up
Salt and pepper
Chipotle chilli sauce.

Chicken thighs, cumin, paprika, garlic, coriander seeds, coriander stalk, grilled tomatoes, red onion, a cup of water. Slow cooked until the liquid evaporates.
Oil, black beans, cumin, paprika, garlic, weak vegetable stock. Blend. It's a bean dip.
Avocado, red onion, garlic, lime, coriander, olive oil, salt, pepper. Blend. Guac.
Sour cream.
Chipotle chilli sauce.

Bean dip
Sour cream

I don't have any photos because I ate them too fast because they were too good. A good taco is immediate gratification.

Come on. Fucking think.

Good quality food, cooked with care. Fuck off stale corn chips and processed cheese. Embrace spice. Above everything, embrace freshness.

Cross the border of decency (hint: to decency).

This is just the beginning.


MissPiggy said...

Bwahahaha - someone did have a little too much port to drink. But agree - I want some awesome, authentic mexican in Sydney...& I don't want to cook it myself as I don't know how.

gerls said...

wtf killing you and eating your corpse as of this evening

Jobe said...

MP, you must learn! It's so easy and so good.

Gerls, while I fail to see why I must be consumed, I still respect your enthusiam to this post.

Lau@Corridor Kitchen said...

So where do you stand on Tex-mex? because it intrigues me.

Jobe said...

The problem I have with Tex-Mex is twofold. Firstly, most of the time it's overly cheesy and stodgy. There's no room for freshness or vibrancy.

And, secondly, in Sydney it seems to be used to represent Mexican cuisine as a whole, which is just crazy.

I definitely like it sometimes, but I'd like to see a lot more authentic Mexican cooking around the place. At the moment I don't think there's any.