Saturday, March 05, 2011

RESTAURANT: Jazz City Diner

Opened a few months ago, this small American diner style thing is as unassuming as it is good. It's just... there... on the street (not literally, of course). And you go in, and everyone's laid back, and you sit down and you eat good, reasonably priced food.

I fail to see a problem with this scenario.

The burgers are good. Juicy, flavoursome, good balance in ingredients. The onion rings they come with are addictive and probably took 2 years off my life. If you wash it down with something like a chocolate milkshake or a root beer float then you're doing well for yourself.

The main course style dishes also punch above their weight. I'm in what looks and feels like a diner, but I'm eating excellent pork belly with a smart combination of flavours, and stupidly rich coca cola braise short ribs. For dishes priced in the mid $20s mark, they do damn well. The portions seem on the smaller side, but the food is extremely rich and quite filling.

We finish with pie (pecan or banana on this particular night) and it was a stupid decision after the other food eaten. It's a nice pie, but I don't know what is hurting me more: the sugar rush or the body struggling to process the rich food.

While I wouldn't repeat that amount of eating again, I would come back to this place. For a lighter lunch or dinner I couldn't think of many things better that a nice burger, those onion rings and a nice milkshake. Except for maybe one of the main dishes and a milkshake.

RATING: Will return to [?]

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