Wednesday, September 29, 2010


While researching restaurants in Paris for this trip, it would have been easy to just go all out and have as many Michelin stars as possible. But that wasn't what I wanted. In fact, I even went so crazy as to book a dinner at a restaurant that had no Michelin stars whatsoever.

Pomze screamed to me to go there. It's a restaurant that puts apples in EVERY SINGLE DISH ON THE MENU, and instead of a wine list, it has a cider list.

How could that possibly be bad?

It cannot.

The food isn't Michelin standard, but it's still good for the price. Just damn good flavour combinations (ie combining apple with everything) and uncomplicated food. Paired with matching ciders (that's right!) it all goes down very well.

What can I say? A fun experience, good solid food and a nice break from the Michelin-starred onslaught I'm in the middle of (although I still had to get the foie gras). It was at a level similar to being in a wine bar in Sydney, except instead of wine they served cider. And instead of food they served apples with food.

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