Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Le Celadon/Le Petit Celadon. 1 star.

It wasn't easy finding a Michelin-starred restaurant open for lunch. When we walked around before the meal, I realised why: pretty much everything is closed in Paris on a Sunday.

While the one-starred Le Celadon isn't closed, it does strip itself down to the bones, offering a top-value 3-course meal with only a handful of choices for each dish. It also strips the name down, changing the name of the place on the weekend to Le Petit Celadon.

It's a comfortable little restaurant, with the feel of an old person's living room. A classy old person maybe. A classy old person that likes huge candles.

For the entree, chicken breast stuffed with foie gras with truffle shavings. Served cold with a side of lettuce, it was a subtle way to get into the meal, and a generous portion. The lobster with uzu and quinoa jelly was also a great entree dish, fresh, sweet, salty and a little rich but not over the top.

The main of sole with truffles, leek and potatoes was a cracking dish. The perfect example of classic French cuisine. The sauce brought the whole thing together, and when you got a bit of everything on the spoon at once you were in heaven.

Dessert is a pretty simple affair. A cart is brought around with a few pastries and other things. The rum bab, with pipettes sticking out, was a popular choice with all of the tables. With good reason. It was a pretty good dish.

While the food wasn't near the level of many of the other starred places I've been to, it was an excellent meal. And for 55 euros INCLUDING wine, I don't think you can fault the value of the weekend menu. With warm service and a warm room, it was a great lunch on a cold, cold Paris day.

Michelin star tally: 14

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