Friday, September 24, 2010

La Vigneraie

I didn't have any places in mind for our first dinner in Reims (the heart of the Champagne region). After a bit of looking online, we headed to a restaurant near the main strip called La Vigneraie. While not Michelin-starred (oh, Ben, how could you lower yourself?), it is listed in the guide (oh, phew, well I guess that is KIND OF OKAY! Just be careful...).

Pretty tidy little place. We opted for their menu gourmand or something of that nature, which was around 66 euro for 5 or 6 courses. The amuse bouche wasn't outstanding (some sort of pastry thing with some sort of seafood mousse), but the entree of foie gras two ways was nice (also with fig two ways). The course that followed of lobster with spinach in a rich seafood bisque and some sort of foam was fantastic. Roasted pigeon for the main was good and the cheese cart and dessert plates that finished off the meal were also quite nice. A solid meal, nice restaurant, warm service and plenty of champagne on the wine list all made for a good experience.

I could get used to eating a lot of foie gras (I also had two courses of foie gras with lunch).I could also eat that lobster dish many times again. Succulent lobster with a great bisque. It reminded me a lot of a similar dish I had elsewhere. I think at Les Bernadin in New York.

Nevertheless, if you're in Reims you could do a lot worse than pay a visit to this place.

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