Monday, April 07, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 50 in 2150 Project

Parramatta, postcode 2150, is a suburb over-run with cafes.

Everyone has their own favourite, which they won't hesitate to share with you. But there are so many choices, so closely packed together that vary rarely do people have the same favourite.

So in the interests of providing a public service and modern day exploring, I will eat at and review 50 different cafes in Parramatta.

There will be a special set of expanded criteria that will be used to evaluate these cafes, which will be revealed with the first review.

The important thing to know is that this is only cafes. No bakeries, restaurants, take-away shops or juice bars. Just cafes.

Will I do it? Will I get bored? Who knows...

The Rating System

The Reviews:
1. Cafe One 80 - 11.5
2. Di Pacci Espresso Bar - 18.5
3. Kanteena - 14.25
4. Dane's - 15.5

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