Sunday, April 13, 2008

50in2150: 4. Dane's

Location: 101 George St, Parramatta (I think)
Cost: $7.70 for a salad and coffee

I'd been warned that this place was pretty bad beforehand. But it wasn't really that bad really.

The food didn't look terribly exciting, but I opted for the Caesar salad and the usual coffee. The salad was okay, but a little plain. Egg, thinly sliced bacon (or was it ham? hard to tell) and lettuce with a nice dressing. A little disappointing because I like to see things like croutons and anchovies in my Caesars. But it hit the spot.

Coffee was okay. Not awful but I wouldn't go here again just for the coffee. Competently made but I don't think it was the best quality of beans.

Breezy location which I think would be good to sit in and have lunch on a nice day.

Service was relaxed, which is how I like cafe service.


Food - 6/10
Coffee - 3.5/6
Service - 2/3
Decor - 4/5
Bonus - 0/3

Total - 15.5 out of 27

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