Thursday, April 10, 2008

50in2150: 2. Di Pacci Espresso Bar

Location: Shop 2/130 George St, Parramatta
Cost: $9.50 for a wrap/roll/salad and medium coffee

Prior to starting the 50in2150 Project, Di Pacci was my regular cafe. Mostly because it was the only cafe nearby that looked decent and didn't scare me off upon first visit.

Di Pacci has good wraps, good rolls and passable salads. They also have a guy running the place that really takes control. He guards the register and all orders go through him. They also have a great little room near the counter full of couches and a huge screen TV.

The salads are a little underwhelming, but the wraps have always been solid.

Coffee is quite good. Nicely roasted but feels like it was made a little too quickly. The flavours aren't in harmony.

While it's still early days for the project, Di Pacci is going to be hard to beat.


Food - 7/10
Coffee - 4/6
Service - 2/3
Decor - 4/5
Bonus - 1.5/3 (for the big TV and couches)

Total - 18.5 out of 27

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