Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Type: Indian
Location: 14 Morts Rd, Mortdale
Booking Required: Sometimes

A relatively new inclusion to the Mortdale dining scene (sic), the sheer audacity of Zeeban to open up directly opposite the amazing, well-loved India Times is what drove me here.

I really don’t have a lot to say about it really. The location is average, nothing special about the staff, the prices are average and the food is pretty average suburban Indian food.

While Zeeban has nothing terribly wrong about it (apart from the awful spiced potato/chick pea kebab entrée and the misspelling of saffron on the menu), India Times is better in every department.

RATING: Will probably not return to.


Anonymous said...

Well Jobe, I disagree, you clearly didn't order the right thing ! The Goat Curry (an Nth Indian specialty) is absolutely delicious ! complete with bones to chew on in the Indian style. Zeeban is a great local restaurant, well priced and serves fresh, good food. By the way, my husband is Indian and he loves the food there !

Jobe said...

Fair enough. They do have a very different style to many other Indian places that I'm sure appeals to a lot of people, but for me it just wasn't as good as India Times, which I really enjoy.

But I will mention that we did order a lot of different things (3 entrees, 3 mains and some sides from memory) and I wasn't overly impressed with any of them.