Sunday, March 11, 2007


Type: Thai
Location: 90 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills
Booking Required: No bookings.

I’d been hearing so many good things about Spice I Am that I just had to go.

Got there just after opening both times so we were lucky enough to get a table. I can see that if you tried to go later you’re faced with a pretty hefty wait.

Not a place for a lengthy dinner, which I enjoy sometimes. They get you in, you order, you eat, you leave. It’s quite and excellent.

Beef salad has a delicious dressing, even if the beef is a little tough. The dishes with chilli jam are enjoyable. Chicken basil stir fry is okay but the chicken is a bit dry. Pad prik king crispy pork belly is very tasty. The duck red curry is tasty, while the green papaya salad was absolutely delicious, if furiously hot. Normally I can take a bit of heat but this was crazy. In that pleasing, endorphin-releasing sort of way.

The prices are good, but the specials are always expensive (and tempting).

BYO is also great to see, but not too many good bottle shops around for an easy pickup. Luckily they bring you as much water as you want. And with the heat in some of the dishes, you’ll need it.

Probably some of the best Thai I’ve had in Sydney, especially the salads.

RATING: Will return to.

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