Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Type: Thai
Location: 480 Crown St, Surry Hills
Booking Required: No bookings after 7.30 (I think)

I’d heard a bit about this place but really wasn’t too sure. When we arrived to see it located in the middle of a car showroom with only one table filled, I thought I had been grossly misinformed. Still, after a bit of a stroll around Crown St to evaluate the alternatives we decided to give it a go.

And I couldn’t be happier that we persisted because Benzin is a gem of a place.

The small, tight menu and wine list both look great. Unable to decide, we grab a bottle of a delicious Four Roads Shiraz Grenache Viognier from Maxwell (not the most obvious choice for Thai but it was quite pleasing) and one of each of the entrees on offer. Chicken curry puffs are better than the standard; deep fried taro and pumpkin with sweet chilli sauce is bizarre but light and moreish; and the betel leaves with whatever was on them were absolutely delicious.

Mains were equally good. Caramlised pork hock is thick and powerful, while the deep fried salad leaf (I forget what it was) with chicken salad was quite good.

I’m not normally a dessert sort of fellow but this place earned the final test. Mung bean pudding and ice cream was a fantastic end to the evening.

Also, fantastic service on offer for most of the evening. When it really filled up they slowed down a little but it was still friendly and attentive at all times.

It’s a tad expensive. If it were cheap I would constantly return to this place. I’m hoping to go back this week with Calypso but, as it is, I’ll have to give it a…

RATING: Will return to.

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daz said...

i'm offended that you were in surry hills and didn't consult me on restaurants.
i'm sure it will pass.