Saturday, December 23, 2006

WINE: WOLF BLASS Bilyara Sparkling Brut NV

Type: Sparkling White
Origin: Australia
Approx Cost: $15

After last weeks Wolf Blass gold label I wasn’t really keen to try more Wolf Blass. It wasn’t bad, just average. Nevertheless, I arrived to work to find a bottle of this on everyone’s desk because of our recent performance.

Pours with a decent mousse and heavy bead which quickly disappears. Similar to yesterday’s Chandon NV that was a poorer reflection of the Chandon vintage, The Wolf Blass Bilyara is a poorer reflection of the Wolf Blass gold label vintage, which wasn’t that good anyway.

It drinks fairly well with hints of fruit and oak, but it's a bit boring. The finish isn’t bad though.


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