Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beer: Guinness Draught

Type: Stout
Origin: Ireland
Approx Cost: 2.5pound

One of the things I had to try while I was in the UK was a fresh pint of Guinness. Although it's from Ireland and I'm in Scotland, I figure it's fresh enough to successfully review it now.

Firstly, Guinness is perfect for the conditions. It's about 2 degrees outside, it's a social and festive time of year and I'll use any excuse I can to drink a beer. The Guinness is always poured properly here and allowed to settle. The head is like whipped cream and the beer is as black as the ace of spades. With Guinness in Australia, either from an imported can or off tap, it's always a bit bitter, it's not as creamy and it's just not quite as satisfying. Over here, however, it's like lining your insides with a fine layer of the smoothest creamy gold you can imagine. Not overly fizzy, and by no means is it "warm", it's the perfect winter beverage. I can go pint after pint and not suffer from the regular bloated feeling associated with excessive beer consumption. Instead it's a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, I highly recommend it.

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