Sunday, October 21, 2007


Type: Champagne
Origin: France
Approx Cost: $320

Cristal has been something I’ve wanted to try for a very long time. So it was good that I finally got the chance with a bottle to accompany a fantastic meal of various foods from the wonderful David Jones Food Hall.

A mid straw colour that shows it’s youth but also hints at the big flavours in the glass. Fine mousse and bead as you’d expect. Big, great nose. An explosion of bread, dough, vanilla, flower, orange and nuts. Wow it’s good. And it follows through to the palate which is really rich on the honey, lemon and baked fruits. Super creamy. It still tastes tight, so I’d love to come back in about 10 years to get this, but it’s still fantastic right now. It’s not perfect, but damn it ticks a lot of boxes.


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