Saturday, October 27, 2007

EVENT: The Sydney Food and Wine Fair 2007

October 27, 2007
Hyde Park, Sydney

Once again we find ourselves at the end of another Sydney Good Food Month, finishing up with the Sydney Food and Wine Fair. And this year it's a monster. Top names like Longrain, Spice I Am, Otto, Lucio's, Flying Fish, Salon Blanc, Becasse and many many more rocked up to showcase their stall-ly ways on the day.

And what a fantastic day it turned out to be. The coupon system they used, which involved queueing up to buy coupons which is what the stalls accepted, worked perfectly and meant that there was only a lengthy wait for a couple of the more popular stalls.

Sydney put on a gloriously sunny day too, which provided the perfect backdrop for the food aromas and live music that drifted around and mingled.

While the wine on offer wasn't that great (as expected really), the food certainly was. Becasse offered a delicious chunk of smoked trout with tea vinaigrette and radish salad, Longrain made the long wait at their stall worth it with a perfectly tangy BBQ pork noodle salad, bill's offered a pretty handsome looking berry pavlova. Long lines also made their way out of Lucio's for the roasted quail and Bourke St Bakery who were offering some awesome looking pastries that disappeared after only an hour.

There was temptation all round and the only way to survive the day was to be brutal with how you spent your hard earned money... err... coupons.

Great food, great weather, nice location, not too much hassle, good value and all for a good cause. I don't know what more anyone could possibly want.

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