Thursday, August 16, 2007

WINE: SEIFRIED Riesling Ice Wine 2006

Type: Ice wine, dessert, sweet white
Origin: New Zealand
Approx Cost: $30 (375ml)

For those that don’t know, ice wines are something like the freak of the wine community. The grapes are left to freeze on the vine so the sugars intensify, then it gets picked. The picking needs to be timed perfectly, and because it has to be done in near freezing temperatures you don’t see too many ice wines on the market.

I’ve wanted to try one for ages, and this one was my first. Splendid. I couldn’t wait to crack it. So I didn’t wait.

Pale gold in colour. Not as intense as a normal dessert wine and much less viscous. Great palate. Great great great. Citrus, tart green apples, rich honey and nice a floral edge. Not as cloying as a fortified or botrytis. Very smooth finish.

This is towards the lower end of the ice wine market, but I enjoyed it so much that I think I might go for one of the more expensive options.


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