Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WINE: MORRIS Liqueur Tokay NV

Type: Fortified, Tokay
Origin: Rutherglend, Victoria
Approx Cost: $20

I have so many tasting notes scattered on my desk it’s starting to get annoying. They’re on envelopes, receipts and on the back of shopping lists. Hell, I even have some typed into my phone when I can’t find a pen and paper.

But on with the show. And what a show! This is a bloody brilliant drop which gave me no end of pleasure. Morris are absolute legends at making fortifieds in Australia, but this still surprised me.

A fine but rich amber with gold and green edges. Incredible flavours of caramel, raisin, smokey malt and toffee. Delicious finish with the perfect amount of acidity that sits perfectly on the palate.

This is great. A textbook example of what an entry level tokay should taste like. Fortifieds might not be very popular anymore, but if the product was all like this then I’m sure it would change.


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