Monday, February 20, 2012

RESTAURANT: La Rosa Bar and Pizza

This place has been on my wishlist for ever so long. Since it opened, really. Come on, proper pizza, house salumi, handmade pasta, solid wine list and all from the people that brought us the wonderful Pendolino.

Kicking things off with the salumi platter is a damn good idea. They have nduja, which immediately endears them to my heart. It's all very solid. Despite it coming with bread and grissini, the extra order of foccaccina is a good call.

Then onto pizzas. My yardstick is the margherita, and here is a very good version that surpasses the stick. The base is thin and the crust crunchy. While the middle is a bit soggy, it doesn't really annoy. The sauce is sweet and the cheese salty and oozing. A little basil and you're laughing.

The nduja pizza is quite nice, as is the zucchini and prawn. The best pizzas in the CBD, that I'm aware of (not that there's much competition).

While desserts look tempting, the earlier bread has hit the spot and we skip straight to digestivo. It's an impressive list, covering a strong range of amaro, herbals and all sorts of other liqueurs (keep an eye out for the lime green, made from over 100 herbs, 70% alcohol, Toro centerbe forte).

Prices are good for the CBD and service is extremely friendly.

While nothing blew me away, nothing disappointed me. In fact, everything was above average. No longer will my pizza cravings go unanswered if I'm in the CBD.

RATING: Will return to [?]

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jeric said...

The best pizza that I ever tasted is when I get my vacation in Dubai with the help of reisen griechenland. If ever I can able to pass by for sometime I'll make sure I'll go try their pizza specialty.