Friday, January 21, 2011

RECIPE: Mint Julep

These are so good that I'm pretty much blogging drunk at this point after having over a litre of them.

The authenticity of the recipe is heavily debated, but I find this the best.

For 1 mint julep:

- 60ml of good bourbon (don't skimp for recipes with few ingredients)
- 1 teaspoon of sugar (caster/white)
- Splash of mineral or sparkling water
- 6-8 Mint leaves

How to:
- Put all but 1 of the mint leaves in a cocktail shaker or large glass.
- Add the sugar and gently mix together with a spoon, being careful not to be rough on the mint.
- Add the bourbon and water and mix again, gently.
- Taste it. Every bourbon has different levels of sweetness. Adjust with water, bourbon or sugar if necessary.
- In a lowball (short) glass, fill with ice--ideally, cubes of ice on the bottom and shavings on top.
- Add the remaining mint leaf.
- Pour over the booze mixture.

Mint julep time, son.

Time to enjoy slavery and/or horse racing and/or land ownership and/or white suits.

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