Sunday, October 03, 2010

Michel Rostang. 2 stars.

This was going to be an interesting one, I figured.

Because there were some things to do in the afternoon (sneaking in a viewing of the Louvre before dinner), I couldn't really go for the full-on degustation. But I'd heard about the famous truffle sandwich and I was pretty sure I wanted that. But how, if it isn't in the set lunch menu? Maybe add it as an additional course? From what I'd read, it cost around 85 euros. Pricey “supplement”...

I got the menus and disappointingly/thankfully there was no truffle sandwich to be seen.

Instead I started with a foie gras ravioli with veal consomme. Pretty good. Soft, soothing, rich.

For the main, I went for something I didn't really understand. Could have gone either way, but what came back was a stunner of a dish. A huge, and I mean HUGE, quenelle (think rich loaf of bread) sat in a bath of lobster sauce. The plate was closer in size to a platter. And it was all mine.

Now, I can eat a lot, and I mean A LOT, but this was a test for me. It was so fantastic, a thick bread mopping up the gloriously rich and salty sauce, with some basmatti rice on the side (some fried grains giving it a fantastic taste and texture), but MAN IT WAS SO MUCH.

After that, an excellent dessert that I forget the details of, but it was some sort of ice cream with a sorbet in the middle of it, coated in jelly to look like a piece of fruit, and sitting on top a biscuit. Fantastic.

Great meal.

Michel Rostang doesn't pull a lot of surprises, but this guy can COOK. Everything was cooked perfectly and was seriously tasty. If I had the chance, I'd love to go back for the full degustation.

Michelin star tally: 25

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