Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cinc Sentis. 1 star.

A beautiful Saturday in Barcelona, and what better way to get started (after a long sleep-in as a result of last night's activities) than at Cinc Sentis (five senses), which received it's first Michelin star some time in the last couple of years (ed: great research there...).

Forget about a la carte, they just have two tasting menus. Short and long. Easy. So we go for the longer one and opt for matching wines, which is pretty much default setting.

The dishes that follow (there are a lot) pair a few different flavours/ingredients together and play a little with texture and incorporate newish techniques like foams, ices, gels and all of that business. And there's a heavy reliance on seafood (especially cod) throughout the meal. It's nothing too crazy, just good flavour combinations on a plate. Simple, interesting, delicious.

Service is friendly and the sommelier matches the wines well.

We want to conclude the lunch with a couple of glasses of pedro ximenez, but we're told that as a result of the strikes, they're waiting on a delivery of wine and only have one glass of one type left. Finally. I was wondering when the strikes were going to affect us.

Afterwards, we swing back past the market, get some more juices, pick up a cheese, some incredible jamon (for 170euros a kilo you'd want it to be), a bottle of pedro ximenez and head back to the hotel room for a rest (ed: how do you rest with cheese?). Thankfully, no strikes got in the way of that pedro xim.

Michelin star tally: 30

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