Saturday, January 20, 2007

WINE: MAJELLA Sparkling Shiraz 2004

Type: Sparkling Red
Origin: Coonawarra, SA, Australia
Approx Cost: $35

Of all the wines that Australia produces, the shiraz and sparkling shiraz have to be up with the world’s best. Majella have absolutely killed it with their sparkling shiraz. Barrel fermented for a while before some liqueur is added for sweetness, they have created an excellently balanced wine. The fine bead disappears quickly and releases the aroma. From the first sip I’m loving it. Plum, over-ripe berries and a touch of aniseed. A good finish and I reach for the bottle to pour more.

Still young as well, this would taste great in another 5 years. I really need to get a cellar happening.



Sam said...

MAN! the owner of the bottle shop I work at use to work for Brian Lynn, the winemaker/owner at Majella. Subsequently, they do their Melbourne release for these wines at my store.

I totally agree with your analysis, i really enjoyed it as well.

Jobe said...


I've been thinking about this wine all weekend.