Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WINE: HOLLICK Sparkling Merlot 2004

Type: Sparkling Red
Origin: Coonawarra, South Australia, Australia
Approx Cost: $25

I’ve been getting into the sparkling reds lately and finding that I’m developing a taste for them.

The first thing that surprises me about this is the way it pours. A fantastic bead for a sparkling red. Aroma of earth, grass and unripe plums. What a taste! Creamy berry flavours and a surprisingly dry finish. A real experience.

I don’t think this bottle is quite done yet though. In a few years I think I’d love this wine. Now, it’s just quite good.


1 comment:

meva said...

I really like a sparkling red, as long as it is dry. And that's a great price!