Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lion d'Or. One Star.

We needed to get from Porto to Amsterdam. Not a hard task; plenty of options. But why not fit in one more Michelin starred restaurant before we run out of places?

And just like that we were flying to Geneva. Just for lunch. My final Michelin-starred meal.

Similarly to Portucale, we're in another “panoramic restaurant”, this time it's one-starred Lion d'Or and we're overlooking pretty much all of Lake Geneva. It's an overcast day, but it's an amazing view.

And some amazing looking food to match the view.

For the starters I have some langoustines seasoned with curry powder that are cooked perfectly. The dining companion has lobster that also looks pretty good.

In the glass is another of Jacques Selosse's champagnes. The “Substance” we had at La Broche was so good we've gone for another of his. And, again, it's damn, damn good. It’s a shame this guy doesn’t produce a lot of wine every year because not a lot of it makes it down to Australia (that I’ve seen at least).

For mains I'm having the lobster with puff pastry and Chinese vegetables. Dining companion lucked out and is having the duckling, again in a Chinese style. His duckling is exceptional—gamey, tender, sweet. On the side is a spring roll filled with duck meat. My lobster is very good, but lacking anything truly special about it. Maybe slightly (slightly) overcooked.

Cheese cart time and a selection of Swiss and French cheeses. All excellent, but the 24-month aged gruyere steals the show.

And to desserts. A plate of different styles of chocolate (oh, that's right, we're in Switzerland) is very nice. The mysterious “pastry chefs favourite” which is a sort of floating island sitting in caramel and filled with tropical fruits and custard is apparently excellent, according to the dining companion, who suddenly doesn't want to share.

We finish up and it has been a pretty successful (albeit expensive, those Genevans don't mess around with their prices) detour. Good food, great wine, great service, top-notch sommelier. ALL OF SWITZERLAND IS THEREFORE GREAT, RIGHT?!?!

Michelin star tally: 37


S Lloyd said...

Regarding Porto and Amsterdam: any good Michelin starred restaurant you would recommend to me? Thanks

Jobe said...

Ahoy S Lloyd.

I won't be too much help for you on those two cities.

Unfortunately there are no Michelin starred restaurants in Porto. The closest Michelin starred place is one-starred Largo do Paco in Amarante (about 50kms inland), but I didn't go.

There are a stack of Michelin-starred restaurants in and around Amsterdam, but I didn't go to any so I'm no help there. I've seen good reviews of Ciel Bleu, but can't give you my opinion.

However, in Amsterdam, if you're a fan of cocktails in a relaxed/cool setting then I highly recommend Vesper. I'll be posting a write-up in a couple of days, but the drinks were exceptional and the guys behind the bar were fun and there was no arrogance like you get at some bars.