Saturday, April 12, 2008

50in2150: 3. Kanteena

Location: 18 Smith St, Parramatta
Cost: $9.50 for a turkish bread sandwich and coffee

The first time I walked past this place nearly every table was dirty. Plates, napkins and unfinished food sat all over the place.

It looked terrible, so I couldn't wait to go there for the 50in2150 project.

Turns out it's not so terrible. But not great either.

I arrived and headed to the counter, absolutely starving. I saw the salads and my appetite diminished somewhat. They didn't look great. I opted for a toasted chicken and avocado on turkish bread sandwich. It was packed with chicken and a good amount of avocado, which is great to see. But the chicken just wasn't right. It was like sliced chicken you'd get from the Coles deli or something.

The coffee was a better story. While it wasn't the best quality of beans, it was quite well made and was an enjoyable drink.

Service was good from some people, but a bit forgetful from others. The manager had a go at one of the staff in front of everyone so that wasn't great either.

The main thing I noticed about this place is that all of the single people come here. In the other places I've gone it was always a couple of people together, but when I visited Kanteena there were only 2 people dining together, around 10 other tables were taken by singles reading a paper.


Food - 6/10
Coffee - 4.25/6
Service - 1.5/3
Decor - 2.5/5
Bonus - 0/3

Total - 14.25 out of 27

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