Saturday, March 24, 2012


Final dinner in Melbourne honours go to Fitzroy's Huxtable, with the "bites" section on their mod-Asian-inspired menu being the deciding factor. When it comes to eating, I love bites.

XO flavoured bun with crab and thai basil mayo is a very delicious item, with the combo of mayo and XO being a big favourite of mine.

Bread is on the table too, and their bread is actually really good. Light and airy in the middle, with an awesome crust packed with heaps of flavour.

Filo pastry wrapped lamb with lemon yoghurt is my other favourite "bite", with the combo of pastry, soft lamb and yoghurt being a bit of a no-brainer.

Apart from bites, the rest of the menu is a sharing plate setup. AKA entrees.

The day's special of sauteed mushrooms with a poached egg and fried garlic is a great dish, meaty and rich.

A salad of corn, black bean and a chipotle/lime creme fraiche is a great combo of flavours.

The corn is grilled, giving the dish a smokey flavour, which works well with the chipotle chilli.

Quite a beefy "vegetarian" dish.

The flavours are clear and well matched in the togarashi flavoured tuna tartare with avocado puree.

The spice and citrus in the togarashi are obvious friends with avocado, making a kind of quasi guacamole to go with the salty, juicy tuna.

Dessert was delicious with some caramelised figs getting down with ice cream, honey and nuts.

All up, the food is extremely solid. The bites and sharing concept is a great way to try heaps of stuff, to the detriment of the bill. That said, with bits just under $5 and shared plates at the mid $20s, you'll get a good feed for the $50 mark before you add on any booze from the small but interesting list.

The food might just lack that next level of refinement that you'd see at a place like Cumulus or Movida for mine, but not by much and pound for pound I found it a really good meal, well worth your time. Service is pretty strong too, with the girls on the floor being more than friendly in the middle of a typically busy Saturday night.

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