Monday, February 14, 2011


It's in Darlinghurst. It's "westernised" Vietnamese. It's good.

That about covers it.

Further detail:
- The duck and prawn pancakes are amazing. When I go I always wonder how many I could eat in one sitting.
- The beef ragu is a delicious beef stew. Slow-cooked until the meat falls apart. It's a lot more subtle in flavour than the other dishes on the menu, but it's great.
- Soft shell crab is another excellent dish.
- There are some average dishes, like the sesame lamb with just doesn't get the flavour right.
- Crab dumplings are solid. As are the chargrilled pork ball skewers.
- It's not the most authentic Vietnamese around, nor is it the best, but for a cheap bite in Darlinghurst you could do MUCH worse than head to Phamish (around 6-630 or it could be full), put in a large order for duck and prawn pancakes (and a few other things) and have a good meal.

RATING: Will return to [?]

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