Friday, June 11, 2010

BEER OF THE WEEK: Mikkeller - Beer Geek Brunch (Highland Edition)

New feature! Yay!

Each week I'm going to bring you a beer that requires particular attention. And then you're only allowed to drink that beer until I tell you what the next one is.

I've decided to start this segment off with one of my favourites of recent time:

This beer is nuts.

It's a 10.9% abv imperial oatmeal stout made with the infamous civet cat coffee (aka the world's most expensive coffee, aka coffee shat out by rodents), aged in whiskey barrels and retails for around $40.

Still reading?

For those that don't know Mikkeller's beers are some of the most extreme, loved, confusing, delicious beers in the world. Mikkeller is a gypsy brewer, meaning he travels the land and uses spare tanks from other brewers. The Beer Geek Brunch was brewed at the equally loved Nogne brewery in Norway (which just picked up the top award at the Australian International Beer Awards).

This beer is simply mind-blowing. It pours jet black and thick. Beautifully powerful nose. Dive right in and enjoy huge flavours of dark chocolate, coffee, roasted malt and scotch. The length on the palate is tremendous.

This is a beer for people that love their beers big and packed with flavour and those that want to appreciate a superb craft beer. It's a beer to sit with and savour for a long time.


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