Thursday, February 08, 2007

WINE: YERING STATION Yarrabank Cuvee 2000

Type: Sparkling White
Origin: Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia
Approx Cost: $30

Yering Station symbolises something of a beginning for me. I had never been a big wine buff, until I went on a wine tour through the Yarra Valley a couple of years ago. The first stop on the tour was Yering Station. Due to a temporary sickness causing me to struggle with alcoholic beverages, many of the wines failed to impress me. That was until I tried the fortified shiraz from here. My god… Truly incredible. I took a bottle home and drank it the night I got back.

But I digress. This is quite a good sparkling wine. Yes, quite good indeed. It make it into Halliday’s top 100 wines with an impressive 95 points a year or two back and has a fairly good reputation. I think the reason is that this is an original wine. In that it doesn’t taste like many other wines.

I sip it. Toasty, with very little fruit. A touch of lemony acidity. And then the finish is just incredible. You feel the taste being sucked from your mouth. It leaves it refreshed but dry. I really don’t know if I’ll get this much again, but it certainly was an interesting experience and I wouldn’t ever mind having it again. It just lacked a certain something that warranted a return.

Interestingly, developed in partnership with the French champagne house Devaux.


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